Mike’s News 12 Dec

  1. Dates to Note
14 Dec     Peak of Geminid meteor shower peak visible fr NZ (starts 7 Dec) 21 Dec     Summer Solstice NZ                          www.archaeoastronomy.com/2016.html Moon      1Q Dec. 16     FM Dec. 23      3Q Dec. 29 Info
  • If you need some funding to trial something different, applications for the Teacher- Led Innovation Fund are now open. TLIF supports teachers from early learning services, ngā kōhanga reo, schools and kura to collaboratively develop innovative practices that improve learning outcomes. Applications for Round 5 are open now and close on 27 February.
  • Physics:
    • Definitions for the kilogram, ampere, kelvin & mole have been changed to be based on natural constants, bringing an end to the use of physical objects to define measurement units. “The change to quantum physics will open up a whole new world of innovation opportunities. To explore space we need to be able to measure to greater accuracy using standards that are more universal than a single piece of metal in Paris.” Says Dr Fleur Francois, Director of NZ’s Measurements Standards lab. These new measurement standards will be officially implemented on 20 May 2019. https://www.bipm.org/en/measurement-units/rev-si/
    • Transparent solar cells mean any window could be used to generate electricity
  • Science Careers:
    • Samoan Scientist- a 5-minute video of a young Samoan woman who talks about how she became a scientist
  • NoS
    • Freebie from Teachers Pay Teachers on how to spot bad science – criteria + examples to analyse. https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/FreeDownload/How-To-Spot-Bad-Science-Online-and-on-Social-Media-2970433
MoE/NZQA Cheers, Mike