Mike’s News Aug 8

8-14 Aug Maths Week www.mathsweek.org.nz/
9 Aug Deadline to make an insect-like robot for Mars. Info here
12 Aug Deadline to apply for regionally allocated PLD
17 Aug Discussion about new S 1.2 Investigative Approaches 5pm https://youtu.be/xtwooIEBjiI
18 Aug Next webinar on mana ōrite. Sign up at https://www.manaorite.ac.nz/
24 Aug ASTA PLD on preparing juniors for the new standards, 5pm. Register here.
26 Aug Daffodil Day www.daffodilday.org.nz/
26 Aug PLD: Change Leadership essentials, Ak. Info here.
26 Aug Blake Ambassador deadline https://www.blakenz.org/programmes/blake-ambassadors/
Moon FM Aug 12     3Q Aug 19     NM Aug 27     1Q Sep 4


  1. Mātauranga Māori
  2. Pedagogy:
  3. Revision:
  4. Digital support:
  5. Science Careers:
  6. Student opportunities:
  7. Opportunity to trial a leadership survey. Teachers respond to Qs on their school environment, levels of professional trust, and perceptions of leadership (15mins). Leaders receive the results. If interested contact nina@theeducationhub.org.nz


  1. Biology:
  2. Agricultural and Horticultural Science:
    • Science Learning Hub has many resources on the nitrogen cycle – videos, readings, activities
    • To measure fruit sugar content buy a refractometer from a brew shop. They’re not too expensive & easy to use, the shop may even give you a demo [Deb Leonard, technician, WGHS]
  3. Earth & Space Science:
  4. Chemistry:
  5. Physics:
    • Activity to build a homemade record player to investigate pitch, timbre, and sound intensity.Activity using smartphones to measure g-Forces
  6. Primary & intermediate:
  7.  EfS:
  8.  Science:
    • Science of making cheese https://cen.acs.org/content/dam/cen/100/19/WEB/10019-feature3.pdf
    • Fingerprint activity 1: On 2 separate cards students make a fingerprint of their thumb. Name on one (printed onto a sheet or put up on wall), alias on the other (put in a ‘hat’). Students pick a card out of the hat and try to identify it using the named prints. Magnifying glasses needed. Keep some for formative assessment, revision, summative assessment purposes.
  9.  STEM:
  10. Nature of Science:

Can You help?

  1. If you teach science or physics and have 5 mins this post grad student would appreciate you filling in a survey here https://massey.au1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_cO2XNiNwd71TBMW
  2. Hemi Hutt is a Science/Horticulture teacher at Mercury Bay Area School. He has applied for leave in 2023 and is looking for a teacher to cover his classes. Post to him on FB if you can help.


  1. The Literacy Pedagogy Guide (LPG) for Agricultural and Horticultural Science is now available here
  2. Workshops about the proposed framework for the redesign of Te Marautanga o Aotearoa have begun and will run until Th 25 Aug. Most are online but there will be some face-to-face in Tāmaki Makaurau. These will be run by experts in te reo Māori. Register here. More info here.

Professional Learning & Development (PLD) Opportunities

  1. Learning Network NZ, 214 Universal Dr, Henderson.
  2. Kohia Teacher’s Centre, Gate 2, 76 Epsom Ave, Epsom
  3. Free one day workshops for alumni of the Sir Paul Callaghan Science Academy: Wellington Mon 3 Oct, Rotorua Tue 4 Oct, New Plymouth Thu 6 Oct. info here
  4. Science Learning Hub teacher PLD Th 11 Aug 4pm. Dr Haki Tuaupiki, Waikato uni, shares knowledge about indigenous voyaging and navigation. Register here
  5. Sanctuary Mountain Maungatautari and DoC are providing a PD day for Waikato teachers 16 Sep. Register here https://sanctuarymountain.rezdy.com/495171/teacher-professional-development-day
  6. The next day for Physics teachers at Ak uni will be 25 Nov. More info here https://sites.google.com/view/uoaptd2017/2022s-day-info
  7. Dates for the northern NZASE clusters: Northland Primary (P) & Secondary (S) online 7 Sep 1-3, face to face 6 Sep 1-3. The rest are all online: Ak P 30 Aug 1-3, Ak S 29 Aug 9-11; Waikato P 23 Aug 9-11; Waikato S 22 Aug 9-12; BoP P 17 Aug 3:30-5:30; BoP S 15 Aug 1-3. Contact ianmchalenz@gmail.com to register.

Cheers, Mike

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