Mike’s News May 27

26May-1Jun Samoan language week www.mpia.govt.nz
29 May MoE webinar on understanding hijab 3:30-4:15 pm. Register here
30 May 4pm, the SLH webinar Observology for the classroom
31 May World Smoke-free Day www.worldsmokefreeday.org.nz
I Jun World milk day https://worldmilkday.org/
5 Jun World Environment Day www.4million.org.nz www.mfe.govt.nz
5 Jun Arbor Day www.treesforsurvival.org
6 Jun MoE webinar on understanding hijab 3:30-4:15 pm. Register here
7 Jun Deadline to apply to MWC for scholarship to attend Molec Bi conf. Info in MN 13 May
8 Jun World Oceans day https://worldoceanday.org/
8 Jun Intro to astronomy day/night course at Pūkorokoro Miranda. Register interest here
Moon 3Q May 31      NM Jun 7      1Q Jun 14      FM June 22
  1. Talks that may be relevant for us
    • Online workshop about the HHMI interactive using storyboarding to introduce natural selection in context of lizards. 5 June at 6-7:30 PM ET (6 Jun 10-11:30am NZT). Register here.
    • Register for a virtual tour of the Mars Desert Research Station in southern Utah. Sun 26 May at 1pm PT (8am Mon 27 May NZT).


  1. Pedagogy:
  2. Professional reading/watching/listening:
  3. The latest NZASE newsletter has articles on UoO genetics resources and integrating mātauranga Māori as well as a profile of Māori scientist Kate Mauriohooho. Sign up for the newsletter or find resources here https://nzase.org.nz/.


  1. Biology:
  2. Agricultural and Horticultural Science:
  3. Earth & Space Science:
  4. Chemistry:
  5. Physics:
  6. Primary & intermediate:
    • The latest edition of the UK’s Primary Science Teaching Trust’s mag is now available here.
  7. Education for Sustainability (EfS)
  9. Nature of Science:
  10. New standards


  1. Copies of L2 and L3 exams older than 2020 can be found here at NBTS for Bi, Ch, Px and ESS.
  2. These PLD opportunities are now open for Primary principals: study award, sabbatical and for primary teachers: study award and sabbatical. They all close 27 June.
  3. MoE’s funded mentor support program of 12 in-person workshops for mentors & mentees https://core-ed.org/en_NZ/professional-learning/support-for-pcts-otts-and-their-mentors/

Can You help?

  1. Christina Hermanns is researching teacher perspectives on including elements of mātauranga Māori in years 9 and 10. Interested secondary science teachers, please email Christina at che@fdmc.school.nz or phone her on 021 277 1833.

Professional Learning & Development (PLD) Opportunities

  1. Apply for Regionally allocated PLD by 31 May. Secondary schools can apply for up to 50 h of facilitated support with implementing L1 NCEA & the literacy/numeracy standards. Primary schools have a focus on structured approaches to years 0-3 literacy & te reo matatini support. Info here.
  2. The Perimeter Institute has a series of free physics and astronomy courses starting this week (11am or 7pm ET – 3am or 11am the next day NZT) https://perimeterinstitute.ca/teacher-courses
  3. Just a reminder that this term NZASE is offering more PLD clusters, both online and face-to-face (in-person in Dunedin, Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland). More information on the webpage.


  1. Ak’s Maritime Museum is looking for an educator https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/3931509346


  1. Looking for plastic film cannisters? Try local photo shop, B&W box, TeachersSource, TradeMe, FB marketplace, or Temu. Berocca or MnM cannisters work well too.

Cheers, Mike

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