Mike’s News Oct 19

1-31 Oct Health Literacy month www.healthliteracymonth.org/
1-31 Oct Save Kiwi month www.kiwisforkiwi.org/save-kiwi-week/schools
1-31 Oct Breast Cancer Awareness month www.nzbcf.org.nz (Pink Ribbon)
20 Oct NZASE online forum 3:30-4:30 pm for teachers of years 7-10. Register here
21 Oct Peak of Orionids meteor shower http://www.rasnz.org.nz/in-the-sky/meteor-showers
23 Oct Mole day http://www.moleday.org/
24 Oct World polio day http://wpd.typepad.com/worldpolioday/
30 Oct NZ Teachers day www.worldteachersday.org
Moon 1Q 24 Oct      FM 1 Nov     3Q 9 Nov    NM 15 Nov


  1. Culturally Responsive & Relational Pedagogy:
  2. Professional reading/watching:
  3.  Literacy:
  4. Science Careers
  5. October’s NZASE newsletter was sent last week. It includes articles on Māori perspectives on Gene Editing, Oceans around NZ & on a Māori scientist as publicly-available resources here https://nzase.org.nz/resources/resources-by-nzase/. There’s an activity on COVID misinformation for members (to access this join NZASE here).


  1. Biology:
  2. Agricultural and Horticultural Science:
  3. Earth & Space Science
  4.  Chemistry:
  5. Physics:
  6.  EfS:
  7. Primary & intermediate
  8. Nature of Science
  9.  Science
    • Mission X uses the context of space exploration to learn about science, nutrition, exercise and space. Activities are aimed at students aged 8 to 12 but can be adapted to suit other ages. https://www.stem.org.uk/esero/news-and-views/news/registrations-mission-x-2021-are-now-open
    • Kiwrious Ltd is distributing their kits free to schools across NZ. Each kit comes with 8 different electronic sensors & is accompanied by online lesson plans and supplementary learning materials aligned with L4 & L5 of the NZC.

Professional Learning and Development

  1. A reminder to Auckland teachers of the ESS enrichment day 20 Nov at Ak Uni. Flyer: https://www.mikesnews.co.nz/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/ESS-Auckland-Nov-20.docx
  2. BEANZ workshops have been organised for Biology teachers in  Auckland Mon 23 Nov. We will be looking at the new draft standards (whichever way the L1 subject list goes these standards will remain). Flyer: https://www.mikesnews.co.nz/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/2020-BEANZ-Workshop-Auckland.docx  Info for Northland out soon.

Cheers, Mike