Mike’s News Mar 16

In light of recent events SciCon has been postponed.  More info at https://nzase.org.nz/scicon-2020/

1-31 Mar Melanoma March   www.melanoma.org.nz/news-events/recent-news
1-31 Mar Hearing Awareness Month.  https://www.nfd.org.nz/hearing-awareness-month2020
17 Mar Deadline for students to apply for international sci events. https://bit.ly/2Pjhrfs   
18-21 MarAk ASB Polyfest www.asbpolyfest.co.nz
19 Mar Middle Leaders workshop, Mary-Anne Murphy, Learning Network NZ
20 Mar Autumnal Equinox NZ http://www.rasnz.org.nz/in-the-sky/sun-rise-and-set
20 Mar Workshop for teachers new to ESS, Kohia Teachers Centre, Ak. Register here.
20-21 Mar SciCon is at Unitec in Auckland. https://nzase.org.nz/scicon-2020/ Now Cancelled.
21 Mar World Forestry Day. www.fitec.org.nz
21 Mar World Down Syndrome Day   http://www.un.org/en/events/downsyndromeday/
22 Mar World Water Day www.emap.rsnz.org  http://www.worldwaterday.org/
23 Mar World Meteorological Day www.metservice.co.nz –> Learning Centre  
24 Mar World Tuberculosis day www.stoptb.org
24 Mar Dairy NZ Careers Day for yr 13 Science students at Lye Research farm 9-3:30.
27 Mar Deadline to apply for SouthSci STEM funding. www.cometauckland.org.nz/southsci
27 Mar Deadline to apply for the 2 American Meteorological Society PLD workshops
28 Mar Earth hour 8:30 – 9:30 pm www.wwf.org.nz   www.earthhour.org.nz
Moon 3Q 16 Mar        NM 24 Mar       1Q 1 Apr.      FM 8 Apr.              


  1. Literacy
  1. Professional reading:
    • A chapter on Dyslexia, from The New Zealand Dyslexia Handbook, addressesDyslexia, family and the school. It is brief and most useful is the section on stress factors in the classroom, mid way through the extract.


  1. Geology:
  2.  Biology:
  3.  AgHort:
  4.  Astronomy:
  5.  Chemistry:
  6.  Physics:
  7.  Science


  1. TKI Guide on Universal Design for Learning https://www.inclusive.tki.org.nz/guides/universal-design-for-learning/

Professional Learning & Development (PLD) Opportunities

  1. PLD from Learning Network NZ ph 09 835 0912:
    • Effective Writing yrs 1-8 with Murray Gadd, 28 March, Auckland
    • Make Learning Magical with Michelle Dickinson & Nathan Wallis, 4 April, Auckland
  2. Science Learning Hub’s recording of their last PLD webinar ‘Flipping Science Fairs’ is now available to view online
  3. NZCER and MoE are presenting free workshops for teachers, Making Progress in Science from L1-L4. The last few are in PN 18 Mar, Chch 31 Mar, Dunedin 1 Apr, Nelson 6 April. Useful ideas for teaching NoS and good for CoLs/ Kahui Ako too. Free booklets and posters. https://www.nzcer.org.nz/science-progress-workshops


  1. The Food Tech Solutions kit to test for E coli has recently been discussed on the technicians’ forum. As we cannot test for pathogens under health & safety rules, we cannot use this kit at school – neither teachers nor students. Another option may be to approach the local council about accessing their data on coliforms in the stream.
  2. TANZ Annual General Meeting this year will be 2pm Tues April 28 at Mount Albert Grammar School, Auckland.

Cheers, Mike