Mike’s News 16 Jul

16 Jul Partial lunar eclipse (not visible fr NZ) http://www.rasnz.org.nz/in-the-sky/eclipses-2019
21 July 1969 1st moon walk  www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/apollo/apollo11_40th.html#.UtmgLOuBr-k
26 Jul Alison Campbell’s Scholarship Biology Workshop, Waikato uni, 10am-2:30pm
Moon FM Jul 16       3Q Jul 25       NM Aug 1        1Q Aug 8      
  1. Café Scientifique is happening in 3 centres this month
    • Beautiful Cephalopods – from the teeny tiny to the colossal, & everything in between – Dr Kat Bolstad. Wed 31 July 6:30-8pm, Horse & Trap,3 Enfield St, Mt Eden, Auckland
    • How safe is our food? – prof Nigel French. Mon 22 July, 7-9pm, Tauranga Yacht & Power Boat Club Inc, 90 Keith Allen Drive, Tauranga.
    • Conservation biology in action: the theory behind the practice – Pascale Michel explains the principles behind the reforestation strategy of Zealandia. Wed 17 July, 5:30pm, at Southern Cross, 39 Abel Smith St (Guest Room), Wellington.
  2. News on the progress of the NZ physics team participating in Poland at IYPT 2019 can be found at   https://cc.iypt.org/iypt2019/rank/#. Students from Wellington High, Auckland Grammar, Manurewa High, Onslow College and ACG Parnell are participating.
  3. Four more ESS workshops coming up soon. Details: https://www.mikesnews.co.nz/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/ESSE-workshops.docx


  1. Culturally Responsive & Relational Pedagogy:
  2.  Pedagogy:
  3. Teachers’ Council have released videos for Tapasa. Each video has conversation starters, supplementary resources and subtitles to build teachers’ confidence in using Tapasāto engage with Pacific learner. https://teachingcouncil.nz/content/tapas%C4%81-resources
  4. Entries are open for the annual New Zealand Geographic Photographer of the Year. There’s more than $5000 in cash up for grabs, and an expedition voyage. The Young Photographer award is for entrants under the age of 25 on 30 Sep. All photos must have been shot after 1 Jan 2018 and within NZ. Entries close midday, 27 Aug.


  1. Geology:
  1. Biology:
  1. Astronomy:
  1. Chemistry:
  1. Physics:
  1. Science:
  1. NoS
  1. Primary


  1. Preparing for an MNA review: https://bit.ly/2Sh15nO https://bit.ly/2JAK19O
  2. NZQA assessment rules for internal assessment https://www.nzqa.govt.nz/about-us/our-role/legislation/nzqa-rules/assessment-including-examination-rules-2019/6/7/
  3. Preparing for an ERO visit: http://www.educationalleaders.govt.nz/Managing-your-school/Guides-for-managing-your-school/Preparing-for-your-next-ERO-visit

Cheers, Mike