Mike’s News 19 Feb

Dates to Note

  1. Already mentioned:  

18 Feb       Dr Philip Hume lectures on The invasion of non-native plants  in Wellington

20 Feb       Teacher Council’s Tapasā PLD workshop West Ak 6:30 – 8:45pm

26 Feb       Teacher Council’s Tapasā PLD workshop Palmerston North 3:30 – 5:45pm

28 Feb       The Science of Learning – online learning starts & continues for 5 weeks

1-31 Mar   Melanoma March                           www.melanoma.org.nz/news-events/recent-news

2-10 Mar   Sea week                                          http://seaweek.org.nz/ (theme care for our seas)

3 Mar         World wildlife Day                        http://wildlifeday.org/

3-9 Mar     Hearing Awareness Week            https://www.nfd.org.nz/

4 Mar         Teacher Council’s Tapasā PLD workshop South Ak 3:30 – 5:45pm. Book here.

Moon         FM Feb. 20.     3Q Feb. 27      NM Mar 7.     1Q Mar 14

  1. Alison Campbell is hosting a FREE workshop Introduction to critical thinking and why it is important to Scholarship Biology at Sancta Maria College Auditorium (319 Te Irirangi Dr, Botany South, Auckland) on Sat 30 March, 9am – 12pm approx. All students / teachers welcome. This workshop is to get students started early on schol bio, to explore critical thinking & to become aware of some resources available. If you are interested please send the school name & students names ASAP to Shane williamson@sanctamaria.school.nz



  1. Culturally Responsive & Relational Pedagogy:
  1. Pedagogy:
  1. Applications are now open for the term 3 intake of the Science Teaching Leadership Program – deadline 20 March. Participants spend 6 months hosted by a science research organization, while also learning about leadership. Info here. https://royalsociety.org.nz/news/passionate-about-science-and-teaching-2019-applications-open-for-science-teaching-leadership-programme/
  2. Do you know anyone who wants to train as a science teacher? Teach NZ scholarships provide financial support to applicants for teacher training in secondary science as well as some other subjects and sectors. 100 recipients get their course fees paid plus $10,000. Deadline 22 Feb. https://www.teachnz.govt.nz/studying-to-be-a-teacher/scholarships/



  1. Geology:
  • NZ Herald article about the explosive history of Mt Taranaki


  1. Biology:
  • Zealandia & Science Learning Hub have just released a set of resources using Takahe as a context for ecology. The resources include articles, activities, a unit plan, NoS questions, photos, data to analyse, worksheets, thinking tools. These look terrific and useful for many levels. https://www.sciencelearn.org.nz/images/3811-beanz-as91158. Also links to BEANZ’s QAAM’d assessment materials for field work (for members only).
  • The Applications booklet Takahe: Back from the Brink may be useful here too.


  1. Astronomy:
  1. Chemistry:
    • Confusing element symbols explained


  • Last year’s chemistry advent calendar from Compound Chem looked at the key figures in the last 240 years of chemistry, decade by decade from 1780 to the present day. https://www.compoundchem.com/2018advent/
  1. Physics:


  1. Literacy:



  1. NZQA now offers best practice workshops only when requested by a national body or a regional cluster (not individual schools). Online or face-to-face. Requires a minimum of 10 participants if a school or organisation hosts, 18 participants if NZQA arranges it. Ten weeks’ notice is required (6 months for cluster mtgs). The moderator will only deal with assessment of internal assessments – external standards, Scholarship, teaching and learning programmes are out of scope. More info at https://www.nzqa.govt.nz/about-us/events/best-practice-workshops-assessment-and-moderation/guest-speaker/


Professional Learning & Development (PLD) Opportunities

  1. Core-Ed has some online programs for learning te Reo starting 11 March. These start with one face-to-face hui and include seven virtual hui, one each week :
    • Te Reo Puāwai Māori (beginners). Info here
    • Te Reo Manahua (intermediate). Info here.
  1. Online PLD from UK’s National STEM learning centre. Free or can pay to get longer access.
    1. Linking STEM curriculum learning to careers – 4 weeks from Mar 4, at 3h/wk
    2. Differentiation for learning in STEM subjects – 5 weeks at 3h/wk from 25 Feb
  1. Science Learning Hub is offering free online PLD on Physics made simple – force and motion. Join them on 21 February 2019 from 4:00–4:45 pm for step-by-step demonstrations using everyday equipment. Register here. They also have follow-up discussions using Slack – an ideal platform to ask questions and share ideas. Upcoming webinars will explore other physics concepts including light, sound and electricity.