Mike’s News Aug 24

28 AugDaffodil Day www.daffodilday.org.nz/
28 AugDeadline to apply for MacDiarmid Institute residential camps with top scientists: DC & NC
29 AugInternational Day Against Nuclear tests  www.un.org/en/events/againstnucleartestsday/
30 Aug 1871Earnest Rutherford was born http://www.rutherford.org.nz/
1 SepNZ Random Acts of Kindness Day  https://rak.co.nz/
1-30 SepAsthma Awareness Month  http://www.breathebetterseptember.co.nz/  
4 SepDeadline to apply for 2021 Science Teaching Leadership Programme.
6 SepTsunami warning siren test at the beginning of daylight savings
6-12 SepTongan Language week  www.mpia.govt.nz
7-13 SepKeep NZ Beautiful Week (= Clean Up Wk)  https://www.knzb.org.nz 
8 SepInternational Literacy day  https://en.unesco.org/themes/literacy-all  
Moon1Q 26 Aug      FM 2 Sep        3Q 10 Sep      NM 17 Sep     


  1. Resources for Māori language week 14-21 Sep:
  2.  Pedagogy:
  3. Digital support
  4. NZCER is currently surveying teachers and leaders from a sample of secondary and composite schools as part of research on theeducational response to climate change. If you have any questions about this research please email Bolstad@nzcer.org.nz 
  5. Although the Lab Managers role is mandated by legislation, currently its funding has to be negotiated within each school. Fiona Wolff & Samantha Farook have written a paper high-lighting the issue to PPTA members (see website). To get this passed by branch vote will take science teachers explaining the issues to colleagues. [Beirut explosion is a timely (if extreme) example of what happens if the management of hazardous substance is ignored.]
  6.  Careers:
    • Wonder Project provides freeweekly 15-20-minute Zoom Webinars to inspire yr 7-10 students to see the wonder in all things STEM (science, technology, engineering & maths). The STEM professional hosts (aerospace scientists, mechanical engineers, bee research specialists) discuss their professional journey, with time for student questions. Mechatronic Engineer Ariel Yap talks on Th 27 Aug. More info https://bit.ly/32mijqO


  1. Biology:
  1. Agricultural and Horticultural Science:
  1. Earth & Space Science
  1. Chemistry:
  1. Physics:
  1. Science of COVID-19:
  1. EfS:
  1. Primary
  1. Nature of Science

Professional Learning & Development (PLD) Opportunities

  1. Science teacher PLD being planned for term 4
    • Physics 27 Nov at UoA https://sites.google.com/view/uoaptd2017/2020s-day-info
    • Biology Best Practice Workshop Making Assessor Judgements, Nov 12 (L2) & 13 ( L3) at Otago Boys’ High School, shared online as well. casey@obhs.school.nz
    • Rachel Heeney (EGGS) & Dave Gratton (Maurice Wilkins Centre) are planning some FREE Biology teacher PD perhaps the weeks beginning 9 and /or 16 Nov. Please contact Rachel if you are keen for one in your area – so far there is interest from Hawkes Bay, Whangarei and Hamilton. RHeeney@eggs.school.nz
    • If you are planning some science teacher PLD in term 4 in your area please let me know.
  2. Kōtuitui Online Teachers Network is funded as a Network of expertise. Their experienced e-teachers are providing more free webinars on designing online learning. Info & registration link here https://hail.to/nex/article/OTp1TIC
  3. Cracking the Code – Boys in Literacy. Otago, Canterbury, Manawatu/Whanganui, Ak., 7 Sep onwards. https://www.growthculture.co.nz/cracking-the-code-boys-in-literacy
  4. Apply for the Science Teaching Leadership Program by Mon 7 Sep. Teachers develop their curriculum leadership skills in science and connect with others learning about the Nature of Science. Spend 6 months in a science organization and 6 months back at school making improvements to the science program, with support.
  5. NZ Association for Gifted Students conference 19-20 Sep in Christchurch. https://nzagc.wildapricot.org/events
  6. Application for Centrally funded PLD is now online. Proposals must be in by 9 Oct to be considered by the panel for your area. There are new priorities too – & webinars to explain them. See flyer: https://www.mikesnews.co.nz/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Webinar-events-on-the-new-PLD-priorities.docx

Cheers, Mike