Mike’s News Feb 12

12 Feb International Charles Darwin Day www.darwinday.org/index.php
12 Feb Deadline to register for the Virtual Learning Network’s primary programs
12 Feb 3:30pm PLD for CB 1.1 Microbes: Learning Outcomes & contexts. Link
12 Feb 5pm Webinar on SCI1.1 and SCI1.2 Learning outcomes. Link
13 Feb 3:30pm PLD for AHS: overview, learning outcomes. Link
13 Feb 4pm PLD for PES1.1 Human Induced Changes: unpack std, learning outcomes. Link
13 Feb 7:30pm PLD for CB1.4 Properties: Intro & overview. Link
13 Feb Deadline to vote in NZ Bug of the Year https://bugoftheyear.ento.org.nz/
14 Feb 3:30pm PLD for AHS: overview, learning outcomes. Link
14 Feb 4pm PLD for S1.1 Sci-informed response: teaching. Link
14 Feb 7:30pm PLD for PES1.4 Energy: Learning Outcomes. Link to register
15 Feb 4pm PLD for PES1.3 SME interaction: Unpack standard, learning outcomes. Link
15 Feb 5:30-7pm, talk on The life of a Forensic pathologist. Info here.
19 Feb 4pm PLD for AHS1.1 Life Processes: Teaching and Learning. Link
20 Feb 4pm PLD for AHS: piloteers panel. Link
20 Feb 7pm PLD for PES 1.1 Human Induced changes: course outlines. Link
20 Feb 7:30pm PLD for CB1.1 Microbes: assessment. Link
20 Feb 7:30pm PLD for CB1.2 Reactions: assessment. Link
21 Feb 7:30pm PLD for PES1.2 Investigations: learning outcomes. Link to register.
21 Feb International Mother Language Day link
21 Feb Deadline to apply for Wellington Zoo’s small grants for conservation work. Info here.
22 Feb Massey Uni PLD day for AgHort teachers at Mt Albert Grammar. Register here.
22 Feb 4pm PLD for S1.1 Science-informed response: assessment. No link yet
22 Feb 7pm PLD for PES1.3 SME interactions: course outlines. Link.
23 Feb Deadline to apply for regionally allocated PLD
Moon 1Q Feb 17        FM Feb 25        3Q Mar 4        NM Mar 10
  1. Seaweek 2-10 Mar. Resources:
    • Seaweek @ Te Papa will involve a talk about deep sea exploration as well as a rotation of activities, suitable for years 2-8. Two sessions on Fri 8 March: 10-12 or 12:30-2:30. Book here.
  2. ChemEd-BioLive conference will run from the evening of Wed 12 Nov to lunchtime Fri 14 Nov 2024 at Victoria University, Wellington. Convenor Phil Kendon p.kendon@wc.school.nz


  1. Mātauranga Māori:
  2.  Pedagogy:
    • Some worksheets using the Claim Evidence Reasoning strategy
  3. Professional reading/watching/listening:
    • Recordings from NZCER seminar by Drs Duckor and Holmberg of San Jose State Uni and discussion on Meaningful Feedback For Continuous Improvement in the classroom.
  4. Student opportunities:
    • The Science Roadshow will be on tour again nationwide in 2024.  Includes live shows and hands-on exhibits that expand students’ understanding of STEM subjects and strongly supports the Nature of Science strand & the Science Capabilities.  https://scienceroadshow.nz/
  5.  Literacy:
    • TES article on strategies to support deep reading. (Sign up for 3 free articles/month)
  6. HoD:
    • An article about types of research evidence and how to use them to improve teaching
  7. Digital tools:
    • A free online tool for running a t test. Paste some data in, view a graph, and run the t-test.
  8.  Podcasts:
  9. Every year CSTA provides exams free to members, $55 to others. This year their exams will include L1 Science, written in consultation with pilot schools, as well as L2 Bio.


  1. Biology:
  2. Agricultural and Horticultural Science:
  3. Earth & Space Science:
  4.  Chemistry:
  5. Physics:
    • Waka Kotahi problem-solving activities and experiments to understand force and motion in the context of road safety.
    • Neil deGrasse Tyson talks about falling through the centre of the earth
  6. Primary & intermediate:
    • Waka Kotahi’s practicals for primary students on gravity & friction, collisions, safety design.
    • The Spring issue of Primary Science Teaching Trust’s magazine, Why & How, is out.
  7. Education for Sustainability (EfS)
  8. New standards


  1. Schools describe how they are helping the students to success in NCEA numeracy and literacy https://ncea.education.govt.nz/literacy-and-numeracy-case-studies
  2. As part of the support for L1 Science, NZASE president Doug Walker is hosting a webinar to take a closer look at the Learning Outcomes for SCI1.1 and SCI1.2 on Mon 12 Feb at 5pm. https://youtube.com/live/IuJMoG3Tvw8?feature=share
  3. A calendar of the planned pLD program for L1 Science: PLD schedule as at 12 Feb

Professional Learning & Development (PLD) Opportunities

  1. Learn about budding and summer grafting at Ak Botanic Gardens Sun 18 Feb 10:30-12. Meet in foyer

Cheers, Mike

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