Mike’s News Nov 18

18 Nov BEANZ workshop 10- 3, Greymouth HS, Library Annex. Contact Ange fox@swas.ac.nz
18 Nov ESS Senior Subject Day, OSTA, held at OBHS, Dunedin justin.zani@obhs.school.nz
19 Nov Whanganui, phy & ch gathering (Vic Uni) link to register
19 Nov ESS Enrichment Day 9am – 3pm, Christ’s College, Rolleston Ave, Chch
20 Nov BEANZ workshop, Otumoetai College, Tauranga, 12-3. Holly hwilson@otc.school.nz
20 Nov BEANZ workshop, Solway College 9am-3pm. Erica Jar, ar@solwaycollege.school.nz
20 Nov OSTA’s Chemistry Sen Subj Day, Logan Park HS, Dunedin, mbt@lphs.school.nz
21 Nov IB DP Sciences Cluster Mtg, 1-4 pm, Diocesan School, Clyde St, Epsom, Ak
21 Nov BEANZ workshop, Ak uni, 10-2:45pm. Rsvp to Heidi hrg@northcote.school.nz
21 Nov Ak Chemistry meeting (Vic Uni)  link to register: gabrielle.holmes@vuw.ac.nz
21 Nov Physics Sen Subj Day, Columba College, Dunedin,  bduckett@columbacollege.school.nz
21 Nov Science Learning Hub’s PLD on Mātauranga and the Living World 4-4:45pm. Book here
22 Nov BEANZ workshop, 9-3, at Otago Boys, Dunedin, pru.casey@obhs.school.nz
22 Nov Auckland Physics Teachers day link to site and link to rego-form.
22 Nov BEANZ workshop, Northland College, Kaikohe, 10-2:30. Rsvp to mikhal@actrix.co.nz
22 Nov Mark Osborne workshop on Innovative Learning Environments, Learning Network NZ.
22 Nov Deadline to have your say on National Education Learning Priorities
27 Nov Wellington Physics PLD (Vic-Uni) link to register gabrielle.holmes@vuw.ac.nz
27 Nov Biology in Context Day at Unitec, organized by Mel Galbraith.
28 Nov CIE technicians course, Pinehurst School. RSVP michelle.pattison@pinehurst.school.nz 
29 Nov Physics teacher day: Napier Girls Site here – w draft agenda
29 Nov Wellington Chemistry meeting (Vic-Uni)link to register  gabrielle.holmes@vuw.ac.nz
29 Nov Adelaide Botanic High School is hosting a STEM conference. Info here.
Moon 3Q Nov 20         NM Nov 27       1Q Dec 4         FM Dec 12.           


  1. Geology:
  2. Biology:
  3. Astronomy:
  4. Chemistry:
  5. Physics:
  1. Science:
    • The 2019 movie Aeronauts is the story of a balloon flight in the 1860’s that broke the world flight altitude record, reaching about 11,900 m. These lesson plans based on the movie explore themes of weather, layers of the atmosphere, STEM, women in science & the physics of hot air balloons https://sharemylesson.com/partner/aeronauts
  2. EfS:
    • Check out thePūtātara resource from the Ministry of Education and plan your next inquiry topic around sustainability.
  3. Primary


  1. Latest circular on what NZQA is offering next year – best practice workshops, national moderator reports & no courier bags. https://www.nzqa.govt.nz/about-us/publications/newsletters-and-circulars/assessment-matters/assessment-and-moderation-update/

Can you help?

  1. A teacher has contacted me, looking for raw data on the longer climate trends – temp, CO2, sea levels, solar activity. He is finding sites with contradictory info, each claiming authenticity, but critiquing research is challenging, especially if data is being used selectively. Does anyone have suggestions for finding unpoliticised raw data and for navigating discussions on climate science in the current ‘climate? Please send helpful suggestions to me and I will forward. Expect these to be shared with this network (names can be withheld on request).
  2. For L3 Bio Jeanne Marshall is exploring an approach around the theme of NZ mud crab – field trip, lab work, prac investigation (91601), osmoregulation (91604), studying the circa-tidal rhythm, life cycle, reproductive r-strategy etc. (91603).  She would appreciate contact from teachers who have any advice, info or resources to share. jma@fdmc.school.nz
  3. Ian de Stigter, Advocacy officer for STANZ, is collecting information in preparation for upcoming equity negotiations. If you are a Science Technician and the Lab Manager at your school, please contact him idestigter@mags.school.nz

Professional Learning & Development (PLD)

  1. Over the next few weeks ESS enrichment days are being held in many regions. The local regional representatives have organised the programmes to suit their regions. For enrolments (last minute ones are OK) please contact
  2. Updated term 4 Science subjects PLD: https://www.mikesnews.co.nz/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/2019Term-4-PLD.docx
  3. BEANZ workshops will also be held in
  4. Those who have registered for Auckland’s & Northland’s BEANZ workshops should have received a reminder email in the last few days. If not please contact Heidi hrg@northcote.school.nz (Ak) or me mikhal@actrix.co.nz (Northland)

Cheers, Mike