Mike’s News 14 Sep

14-18 Sep

New Primary science week. Science of sound. Ideas here. Unit here.

14-21 Sep

Maori Language week www.tetaurawhiri.govt.nz

15 Sep

NZASE online forum 3:30-4:30 pm for teachers of years 7-10. Register here

16 Sep

International Day to Preserve O3 www.uneptie.org/ozonaction/events/ozoneday

18 Sep

Deadline for shirt design celebrating women in science

18 Sep

Deadline to enter students for Schol Chem practice day at Ak uni.

20-26 Sep

Chinese language week

21 Sep

Deadline to enter ANZCCART essay competition on use of animals in research. Info here

22 Sep

Deadline to submit expressions of interest for trialling draft science assessments

23 Sep

Spring Equinox NZ http://www.rasnz.org.nz/in-the-sky/sun-rise-and-set

26 Sep

Schol Chem practice day at Ak uni. $40.

27 Sep

World Rivers day http://worldriversday.com/

27 Sep

Tsunami warning siren test at the beginning of daylight saving


Tuvalu Language week www.mpia.govt.nz


Fleming discovers penicillin. https://www.famousscientists.org/alexander-fleming/


NM 17 Sep 1Q 24 Sep FM 2 Oct 3Q 10 Oct

  1. Sign Language week will now be 21-25 Sep. Here is a booklet of signs useful at work https://deaf.org.nz/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/2019_Lets_talk__Work_web.pdf
  2. International EarthCache Day is on Sun Oct 11. Learn more at EarthCache.


  1. Culturally Responsive & Relational Pedagogy:
  2. Pedagogy:
  3. Professional reading/watching: An introduction to some of the different forms of neurodiversity & an explanation of a strengths-based approach to learning differences. https://theeducationhub.org.nz/neurodiversity-an-overview/
  4. Student competitions:
  5. TeachNZ scholarship applications now open & close 23 Sep (2 more rounds to come). These scholarships pay course fees & an allowance for those planning to enrol on an approved initial teacher education course. Info here, email TeachNZ or call 0800 165 225.
  6. The NZASE newsletter was distributed to members last week. It included articles on effective revision & the science of kauri dieback for members only and a tribute to Jessie McKenzie & a profile of Māori scientist Dan Hikuroa here. Join NZASE here


  1. Biology:
  2. Earth & Space Science
  3. Chemistry:
  4. Physics:
  5. Science of COVID-19:
  6.  EfS:
    • Resources for testing local freshwater sources with their students. Waterwatch is free to support schools in the Canterbury region http://www.waterwatch.co.nz/?page_id=73.
    • Scion survey asking how we feel about different methods of controlling pests.
  7. Primary & Intermediate
    • NIWA has developed a new online weather & climate curriculum for teachers, called Rangi. These 14 interactive lessons provide easy-to-understand information, videos, an activity or experiment and a quiz for years 7 & 8.
  8. Nature of Science


  1. Centrally funded PLD proposals are now submitted online. Deadline for next round is 9 Oct. https://pld.education.govt.nz/regionally-allocated-pld/apply-for-regionally-allocated-pld/

Can you help?

  1. ChemEd is due in 2021. Any Ak-based Chem teachers who are prepared to volunteer to be on the organizing committee (which needs to be established by the end of this term), please send expressions of interest to ian.torrie@stcuthberts.school.nz
  2. Sneha Srinivasan is looking for Auckland teachers of Electronics to swap moderation. If you are able to help please email SSrinivasan@pukekohehigh.school.nz

Professional Learning & Development (PLD) Opportunities

  1. The ULearn conference is now online 7-8 Oct https://core-ed.org/events/ulearn/ . Flyer: https://www.mikesnews.co.nz/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/uLearn20-eFlyer-26Aug-electronic.pdf
  2.  Smithsonian webcast on bipedalism 23 Sep 11:30 am EDT (3:30 am 24 Sep NZT).

Cheers, Mike

Kia tūpato, kia haumaru te noho, ā, me tiaki tētahi i tētahi.                          Take care, stay safe, and look after each other