Mike’s News 31 Aug

1 SepNZ Random Acts of Kindness Day https://rak.co.nz/
1-30 SepAsthma Awareness Month  http://www.breathebetterseptember.co.nz/  
4 SepDeadline to apply for 2021 Science Teaching Leadership Programme.
6 SepTsunami warning siren test at the beginning of daylight saving
6-12 SepTongan Language week  www.mpia.govt.nz
7 SepDeadline to  apply for Science Teaching Leadership Program
7-13 SepKeep NZ Beautiful Week (= Clean Up Wk)  www.knzb.org.nz/ 
8 SepInternational Literacy day  https://en.unesco.org/themes/literacy-all
9 SepNZASE online forum 3:30-4:30 pm for teachers of years 1-8. Register here
11 SepDeadline for students to apply for chem Olympiad. More info here.
14-18 SepNew dates for Primary science week. Science of sound.
14-21 SepMaori Language week  www.tetaurawhiri.govt.nz
MoonFM 2 Sep      3Q 10 Sep      NM 17 Sep      1Q 24 Sep        
  1. ESSE’s online AGM is 12 Sep 10:30-1:30. RSVP to Jenny Pearthspacenz@gmail.com.
  1. Miranda Trust reports a godwit carrying a tracker has left the Aleutians bound for home. So we can expect our migrant wading birds to be arriving back in the next little while.


  1. Culturally Responsive & Relational Pedagogy:
  1. Pedagogy:
  1. Professional reading/watching:
    • I found the annual report of the PM’s Science Advisor interesting reading – telling the science story behind events in NZ. Looking forward to hearing her at SciCon.
    • Derek Wenmoth comprehensively synthesises several post-lockdown reports & posits some outcomes needed https://wenmoth.net/2020/08/20/lessons-from-lockdown
  1. Digital support
  1. A summary of Education policies from different political parties. https://policy.nz/topic/education?fbclid=IwAR1e9i5cIWpQFhJYsU0oDIcsFpxzWxjMrpRTjZxvuWxDwg2pgrAIsg3BX1I#Schools

Event for Gifted students in yrs 6-9. Inventionator is a team based challenge designed for students to co-create innovative solutions to real-life problems https://core-ed.org/research-and-innovation/core-innovation/inventionator/inventionator-for-gifted-learners/\


  1. Biology:
  1. Agricultural and Horticultural Science:
  1. Earth & Space Science
  1. Chemistry:
  1. Physics:
    • Try making this homemade iPhone speaker – experiment with different types of cups and changing the length of the cardboard tube to see how that changes the sound.
    • Pros and cons of windfarms: EnergySage text and ABC education video.
  1. Science of COVID-19:
  1. EfS:
  1. Science at years 1-8
  1. Nature of Science
    • An article on the ethics of masks – an approach useful for other socio-scientific issues?
    • Carrie Vander Zwaag has made questions for the COVID mask article from last week. Students then discuss materials (hydrophilic vs hydrophobic, synthetic vs enviro-based). Yr 9/10 students then make masks, justifying their choice of material. Resource: https://www.mikesnews.co.nz/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Masks-WHO-article.docx
  1. Science


  1. In response to several recent queries, the current L1 standards will still be valid in 2021. Original implementation timeline for new stds was trials in 2021, optional for 2022 and compulsory in 2023. It may well change, but it won’t be any earlier.

Finding schools that teach a std (or used to): NZQA à Info for schools & teachers à Std search. Enter a no. eg 22188  à a link halfway down the page that says “View Education Organisations with Consent to Assess” à enter region and type.                [Larraine Barton]

Professional Learning & Development

  1. ESS webinars (3) for both Stars & Planetary Systems (AS 91192, 2.6) and scholarship (3): https://www.mikesnews.co.nz/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/ESS-Webinars.docx

Maurice Wilkins Centre free biology teacher PD: Timaru, Christchurch, Nelson (9-11 Nov) and then Taupo, Tauranga, Ak (16-18 Nov). Queries to Rachel rheeney@eggs.school.nz


  1. Glucose or golden syrup when mixed with instant coffee gives the texture of oozing blood. A little food dye gives the colour. https://www.stuff.co.nz/dominion-post/capital-life/capital-day/85870494/kiwi-kids-unlock-creativity-for-all-hallows-eve

If you know of any science texts for years 7 & 8 please email kang@elim.school.nz

Cheers, Mike